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An experience that defines our culture and heritage through past, present and future culinary traditions. Our concept is built on the idea of preserving traditional flavors, techniques, and meticulously presenting dishes with a modern hand.

We are challenging our culinary team to redefine Mexican Cuisine as our region knows it, while keeping a keen eye on sustainability and sourcing from responsible growers, ranchers and farmers. We invite you to be transported and experience the nostalgic flavors of Mexico.

Our Menu


melón 6/12

fresh cantaloupe, spinach, cilantro, guava vinaigrette

elote 6/12

roasted sweet corn, bitter greens, heirloom tomato, cucumber, panela, elote crème fraiche

aguacate 15

avocado, chapulines, queso fresco, toasted pepitas, cilantro vinaigrette

Del Molino

nixtamal tortillas 5

corn, achiote, huitlacoche, blue corn

memelas 14

oaxacan masa cakes, black bean purée, salsa roja, queso cotija, chorizo, texas gulf shrimp

huaraches mixtos 18

pulpo | octopus, corn relish, cilantro
chicharrón prensado | pork rind, guacamole, queso fresco
lomo ancho | ny strip, black bean purée, queso fresco


lengua 14

smoked beef tongue, ha' sikil p'ak xni-pec, corn torillas

pato 18

crispy duck confit, caramelized onions, salsa verde, blue corn tortillas

lechón 16

slow cooked suckling pig, aguacate cream, serrano, crumbled chicharrón, achiote tortilla

suadero 17

confit beef belly, yellow onions, cilantro, huitlacoche tortillas


cegueza 20

pre-hispanic maize mole, organic half chicken, hoja santa

cochinita pibil 22

annatto braised pork in banana leaf, arroz con elote, pickled onions, nixtamal tortillas

chamorro en adobo 28

8 oz. braised pork shank, swiss chard tamal, guaje salsa

barbacoa de cordero 32

slow cooked lamb, agave, onion, cilantro salsa, nixtamal tortillas

pescado 30

sustainable catch, esquites, epazoté, root vegetable purée

estofado 28

beef short ribs, mole negro, poblano smashed golden potatoes, heriloom

lomo ancho 24

8 oz. new york strip, morita chile, maize atole, caramelized onions, xoconostle salsa

cerdo 24

crispy pork belly, seasonal vegetables, guajillo-tamarindo gastrique


calabacitas 12

tender baby zucchini, roasted red onions, tomato, corn, cojita

papas criollas 9

crispy golden potatoes, heritage carrots, salsa roja, queso fresco

seasonal vegetables 9


ostiones 15/28

fresh seasonal oysters, cilantro mignonette, lime caviar

empanadas 14

rajas con queso, mushrooms, fried masa shell

croquetas 13

yucca, corn, oaxaca cheese, serrano aioli

ceviche 18

sustainable catch, jackfruit, yucca chips, marcona almonds, chapulín dust

aguachile 16

Texas gulf shrimp, cantalope, guava, yucca chips, chile piquín

mejillones 18

steamed PEI mussels, mole verde, umami crema, crispy chicharrones

camarones entomatados 19

Texas gulf shrimp, guajillo tomato sauce

sopa de elote 7/12

corn chowder, lump crab, cotija, cilantro, toasted pepitas

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