The Benefits of Organic Cooking

At house. wine. & bistro., we understand that the flavors of each dish we make are only as intense and delectable as the produce we use. Our standards in flavor are set high, which is why we only utilize the freshest organic produce available. But flavor isn’t the only reason why we emphasize our preference for sustainable practices and organic cooking. The benefits of creating each dish placed on our tables with produce that was grown and harvested from just miles away are what keep us enamored with organic cooking.

Strict Guidelines

Organic produce is grown, processed and handled under a strict set of criteria that drives the practice from start to finish. These firm guidelines, established by the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990, give the “organic” seal of approval to all of those organic food providers that abide by the regulations and excel in providing outstanding products.

Endless Choices

Nowadays, for every non-organic piece of food or vegetable, consumers are able to pick an even more delectable and fresher organic counterpart. This is made possible due to the increase in popularity for the organic farming movement that has slowly swept the Rio Grande Valley.

Nutritionally Better

Delicious food is great, but tasty and healthy? That’s a huge plus. At house. wine. & bistro., we use organic produce because it has a healthier nutritional profile compared to non-organic produce. Organic fruits and vegetables are known to have higher amounts of antioxidants according to recent studies. This can often mean a reduced risk of chronic diseases and even certain cancers.

Give it a Try!

At house. wine. & bistro., we’re completely devoted to the organic farming movement. And how can we not be when it offers so many amazing benefits? Book your reservation with us in McAllen today to sink your teeth into a fresh, delicious and relaxing experience. 

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